Architectural Materials That Go Well with Glass

Glass is a versatile building material that has been in use for centuries. Most architects use glass to enhance a structure’s design, energy, and aesthetic value. Some architects emphasize the use of glass as the primary building material. Nevertheless, glass should be used alongside other building materials to maintain structural integrity. Although there are different … Read more

Advantages of Frameless and Semi-Frameless Glass

Traditionally, glass fixtures such as doors, windows, and shower enclosures featured heavy-duty aluminum frames around their interior and exterior edges. However, this has changed as most glass fittings today don’t have these aluminum frames. Even those that are framed don’t have complete structures. Frameless and semi-frameless glass fixtures have become very common in both residential … Read more

Considerations When Using Full Height Windows

Windows are an important part of every residential and commercial building. They not only let in the light but also improve the building’s interior and exterior look. Ordinarily, windows are made of transparent glass. But there are other types of glasses designed to offer different levels of transparency. In addition to opacity and transparency, you … Read more

Using Decorative Glass for Privacy

Whether you are building a home or office, your privacy is one of the most important considerations you have to make. It’s irrational to leave your interior space open for everyone to see what’s inside. Therefore, when installing your glass windows and facades, make sure they add an element of privacy. One of the easiest … Read more

Home Accents with Custom Mirrors

Home accents help add flavor and color to your interior and exterior spaces, giving your home a unique personality and style. These decorative accents will make your home feel and look specially designed for you, from the living room and kitchen to the dining area. While there is a wide variety of materials that make … Read more

Creating Branded Glass Meeting Room Dividers

Conference room dividers are a great way to break up the space of an open-plan board room. With a variety of glass partitions, you can create modern and funky meeting rooms of different sizes. Additionally, you can customize your conference rooms with branded glass dividers. These partitions will help you transform your conference room from … Read more

Using Specialty Glass for Bird Protection

The sound of a bird crashing into your glass window at full speed is sickening and unforgettable. Unfortunately, this is a widespread occurrence, especially where property developers install window panes that are not visible to the birds. When birds look at these glasses, they see the reflection of the sky, trees, and other buildings instead … Read more

Design Treatments for Shower Doors

An artistically designed glass shower door adds an element of elegance and style to your bathroom while giving you the kind of privacy you need when taking a shower. But as with any other shower fixture, your shower door is constantly exposed to moisture, mineral deposits, and unsightly grime. Therefore, it needs to be appropriately … Read more

History of Decorative Leaded Glass

Commonly referred to as crystal, leaded glass is a special variety of glass that contains lead instead of the calcium content found in classic potash glass. The leaded glass typically has 18-40 percent lead (by weight). This type of glass is very popular among interior designers because of its clarity. In the past, leaded glass … Read more

Using Etched Glass in Interior Design

Glass etching is a common technique created in the mid-1800s to create art on a glass surface for aesthetic purposes. Today, this technique is still very common in commercial and residential properties. Glass etching involves making artistic patterns on a glass surface by applying an acidic, abrasive, or corrosive substance. In the past, glass etching … Read more