Glass Design Trends for 2022

Glass products have become an integral part of construction and décor, with architects and contractors using them to add an element of simplicity and elegance to their structures. This approval has also led to the emergence of unique and sophisticated glass designs to help architects and contractors achieve their desired designs and patterns. The year … Read more

Why Glass is a Luxury Building Material

Over the years, the use of glass in the construction industry has been growing steadily, with modern engineers and architects using it to add elegance and style to their structures. But why is glass considered to be a luxury building material today? Read on to find out. Why is Glass a Luxury Construction Material? Regardless … Read more

Types of Glass and Their Application

Glass products have become an integral part of the modern construction industry, leading to the development of different types of glass. These glass products can be used to construct a wide range of structures. In this article, you’ll learn about the most common types of glass and their applications. Types of Glass and Their Applications … Read more

How Does Energy Efficient Glass Work

As the world deals with the effects of climate change, property developers and homeowners have realized the need to make their properties more energy efficient. But the idea of making homes energy efficient is always misinterpreted as planting trees and installing alternative energy sources. Many people don’t seem to realize that even the construction materials … Read more

Differences between Tempered Glass and Laminated Glass

Tempered and laminated glasses are the most commonly used types in commercial and residential décor, and they’re more challenging and hard-wearing than other types of glasses. This article offers you the main differences between tempered glass and laminated glass. Tempered Glass Also referred to as toughened glass, tempered glass is a safety glass manufactured using … Read more

Uncommon Uses of Glass for Decorative Touches

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Top 5 Uses for Glass in Architecture

Glass has become an important construction material, thanks to its adaptability and outstanding performance. This hard, transparent substance is created through the application of enormous amounts of heat to sand or quartz, producing a brittle and weather-resistant material. There are many benefits of using glass for construction purposes. For instance, it will absorb and transmit … Read more

Top 3 Uses of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass has become a common spectacle in commercial and residential spaces. Its popularity is largely attributed to its added strength and durability. Unlike ordinary glass, tempered glass is typically used to enhance its toughness and longevity through heat treatment. But where and how can you use tempered glass? This article talks about the top … Read more